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No 7

NO 7: Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2017/2018 annual publication presenting work of 11 emerging photographers. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dominik Cudny, Aleksandra Iwańczak, Jan Jurczak, Beata Małyska, Aneta Nytko, Paweł Mądry, Agnieszka Piasecka, Natallia Piatkievich, Ewa Pustułka, Olga Sosnowska, Krzysztof Światły. You can still buy one. Just write


We abandoned our house one by one, like troops that gradually withdraw – sometimes peacefully, sometimes in range. With each departure, a part of a living organism disappeared until nobody and nothing has been left. How to photograph nothing which used to be everything?
Autopsy alike, instead of scalpel, I use the camera to isolate details. I secure evidence, proofs of the former life. I deliberately neglect the cause of death.