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Photographer, project manager for advertising and promoting market. Studied tourism (Academy of Physical Education in Cracow), design (Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow) and took a part in the Sputnik Photos Mentoring Program. Last years she was working on long-term documentary projects, both at home and around the world regarding various forms of exclusions, relations.


2012 – 2014 „Błądzić jest rzeczą” design group exhibition, BWA Tarnów, BWA Wrocław, BWA Zielona Góra

2015 „Błądzić jest rzeczą” design group exhibition, Institute of Design, Kielce

2013-2015 Academy of Fine Art, Design, Cracow

2017 – 2018 Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme, Warsaw

2019 Stan posiadania, group exhibitions, Galeria UL, Gdańsk / Photo Fringe Kraków / Fundacja Archeologii Fotografii, Warsaw

2019 book No 7, Sputnik Photos

2019 Ferment twórczy, vol. II, group exhibition, Galeria u Agatki, Wrocław

2019 „Russian Resort” project selected for Slideshow TIFF Festival, Wyspa Tamka, Wrocław

2019 member of ENOUGH PHOTOS Association

2021 Honorable mention in the Pix.House Scholar Competition for the project „Learning to fly – adulthood lessons”

2021 „Learnig to fly” individual one picture gallery exhibition, Galeria 22, Wrocław

2022 I prize in the competition Family unposed for a triptych from the series”Learning to fly”